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via Grantland

Could Alex Smith Become the Worst Quarterback to Ever Win a Super Bowl?

If you haven’t kept up on this NFL season, what we’re about to say is going to seem very funny: It’s time to start seriously considering the possibility of Alex Smith winning a Super Bowl. Not as some sage backup for Andrew Luck on the Los Angeles Jaguars in 2016, or as the offensive coordinator for the 2032 London Topmen, but as the starting quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers. In 2011!

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Bill Barnwell [Grantland]

FIRST OF ALL: Do not even begin to think that far ahead. One game at a time. Also, kind of inappropriate to put this down in writing because you will surely anger the football gods.

SECONDLY: To me, Alex Smith is the Niner version of Barry Zito. Don’t expect much and you won’t get much. 

THIRDLY: Seriously, dude, talking about any remote chance of the Super Bowl goes against all of my sport superstitions. I do not like it.