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"When I was young, my ambition was to be one of the people who made a difference in this world. My hope is to leave the world a little better for having been there". - Jim Henson
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Rosie “The Schmuppy” Matthews, 1999-2013. Sister to Lucy Lamb; Dominator to Charles P. (“Pound Dog”) Matthews; Mortal Enemy to Marvin “The Martian Cat” Matthews; and when all was said and done, Mom’s dog ever. Invincible to the last.

She loved carrying around/chewing on a nice piece of slate, napping by a warm fire, barking at the waves in Quonnie, terrorizing the biggest and smallest of dogs, snuggling under the covers, hopping around in the snow, and treats. 

And most importantly, she loved us (especially my mom).



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Dogs are the best, especially when you’ve had a really bad day. You could make the biggest mistakes all day long at work and the rest of the world could hate you but then you go home and your dog is there waiting like “OH THANK GOD MY HERO IS HOME I LOVE YOU SO MUCH WERE YOU OUT GETTING ALL THE AWARDS FOR BEING THE MOST PERFECT HUMAN BEING TO EVER HAVE EXISTED?”

PubLIZity - hot new show? or HOTTEST new show? 

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A fun thing happened today - Pedigree used our lion king-ish photo for their Valentine’s Day Facebook post! BAXTER IS FINALLY GETTING THE RECOGNITION HE DESERVES. 

Grace got out of her crate so Baxter thought he could burrow his way out of his crate. He pushed the crate’s mat all the way out and burrowed through the rug. And then he hit hardwood floor. #dogs

It’s an early Christmas Miracle! Grace is sharing water and not hoarding it like a complete jerk!







Some of my favorite dogs are pits.

I fucking love pits. My mom doesn’t understand it though. She grew up in a not nice part of Brooklyn, so poorly trained attack dogs are the only type of pitbulls she knows.

I adore pits. There are about 10 in my neighborhood and it makes my day whenever I get to run into them on my afternoon walks.

I have two pit mixes, and they are the best dogs I’ve ever had in my life. 

Marlowe and Seamus approve of this message.

Gracie approves this message, too. 

Idea: It’s surprisingly still nice out and the fog has yet to roll in and make it freezing, I think I’ll go sit on the deck with my iPad and a beer and read! The dogs will love the fresh air!

Reality: A continuous game of “no no Gracie don’t eat that, drop it!” til I finally give up and go downstairs and watch tv.

Today in happy news!