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"When I was young, my ambition was to be one of the people who made a difference in this world. My hope is to leave the world a little better for having been there". - Jim Henson
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  • me: what shall i do for lunch
  • sandy: do you have any meatballs?
  • i want a meatball
  • me: hmmm i do not
  • sandy: rookie mistake
  • i always keep at least 1 bag of meatballs in the freezer
  • you know, in case of emergency
Dogs are the best, especially when you’ve had a really bad day. You could make the biggest mistakes all day long at work and the rest of the world could hate you but then you go home and your dog is there waiting like “OH THANK GOD MY HERO IS HOME I LOVE YOU SO MUCH WERE YOU OUT GETTING ALL THE AWARDS FOR BEING THE MOST PERFECT HUMAN BEING TO EVER HAVE EXISTED?”

"You make up the rest."

Young Sarah couldn’t spell, but boy could she work that jolly old Saint Nick! 

ps This note was wrapped in about three feet of scotch tape with “SANTA CLAUS NORTH POLE” on the front. I wanted to make sure ONLY SANTA got it. I also think my obsessiveness is part of the reason it was one of the few paper items my parents were able to salvage from the basement after Sandy. 


  • Sandy: you know how airlines will give you a little discount if you are flying unexpectedly for a funeral?
  • i wonder if they will do that for me when baxter dies cause there is no way i am not coming to hold you if that ever happened. not that it would. it wouldnt. it wont.
  • me: I would hope virgin america would do something
  • considering how loyal of a customer i am
  • Sandy: truth.
  • ill say i am related to SARAH MATTHEWS
  • do you KNOW WHO THAT IS
  • and then they will fly me free in first class

Ideally, this will be us (but in Chicago, not New York) in 37 days. 

Fingers crossed this actually happens. 


Ideally, this will be us (but in Chicago, not New York) in 37 days. 

Fingers crossed this actually happens. 

  • me: our president is hosting students displaced because of sandy at his home
  • 65 houses in the fairfield beach area have been condemned
  • Sandy: oh wow, my god
  • also i didnt realize you grew up in a beach town
  • Me: yup, grew up 4 blocks from the beach
  • it's pretty much the greatest town in the state
  • probably new england
  • tri-state area
  • eastern coastline
  • continental united states
  • you get the picture

Posted by the FFPD (ps, they did an incredible job on their fb page keeping everyone updated, so kudos). Looks like they’re trying to tell the Fairfield U kids that the Seagrape will NOT be open tonight for any Tuesday night shenanigans. 

View from our front porch in Fairfield. 

Fortunate that only the basement was flooded, but sad to hear some of our neighbors closer to the beach can’t get into their homes because their first floors are underwater. Hope the water recedes soon and that they get the help they need.