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"When I was young, my ambition was to be one of the people who made a difference in this world. My hope is to leave the world a little better for having been there". - Jim Henson
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Grace and I came across this on our late lunch run. Teared up (again) but continued with a sprint up the Broadway hill. You will be missed, Mr. Williams, especially in this town. #runningwithgrace #baxterandgrace #mrsdoubtfire #sf (at Mrs. Doubtfire House)

…and by Pirates you mean Phillies, right @sfgiants?

Grace can’t be bothered to do much with this cold weather #graceandbaxter #boxerlife #baxterandgrace #sf #sanfrancisco

  • me: hey
  • how's it going
  • how do I turn on heat?
  • dare I turn on the heat?
  • Andrew: I'm not sure how to turn on the heat
  • isn't there a thermostat upstairs?
  • me: is that the thing near my side of the bed?

I appreciate the sense of humor, Caltrain! 

#tbt The day I met my #Grace at #SF Animal Care & Control (April, 2010, after @agminea met her at the KnB Yappy Hour). #dogsofinstagram #gracie (at Animal Care and Control)

Yes. #marina #sf #scotch #anchorman #ronburgundy

#supermoon #sf #sanfrancisco #moon

I normally don’t post such personal stuff (aside from Instagram photos), but this song is exactly how I feel about my husband. Naturally, it’s by The Proclaimers. It is a song I’ve loved since my parents played it on road trips, but I really never truly understood the lyrics until I met Andrew. I mean, he’s a pretty damn good husband.  So there ya go! 

Then I Met You

Thought that I’d be happy
Going to be so happy
Living life alone and never sharing anything

Thought that I was finished
Thought that I was complete
Thought that I was whole instead of being half of something

Thought that I was growing
Growing older, wiser
Understanding why this world held nothing for my spirit

Thought that I was destined
Destined to be nothing
Destined to be nothing in this world and then I met you

I met you

Thought that God had failed me
Thought my prayers were useless
Thought that he would never give the chance for me to praise Him

Thought the book was written
Thought the game had ended
Thought the song was sung and I could never sing another

Thought my faith was misplaced
Thought my back was broken
Broken by a weight that I was never fit to carry

Thought I knew this city
Thought I knew all about it
And then one night I went to [Harry’s Bar]* and you were waiting

I met you

*The song says “Morningside” but, in this instance, it should be “Harry’s Bar”

#Grace keeping watch over the grill on this chilly but pleasant #sf evening