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This is it, don't get scared now.
"When I was young, my ambition was to be one of the people who made a difference in this world. My hope is to leave the world a little better for having been there". - Jim Henson
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Dogs are the best, especially when you’ve had a really bad day. You could make the biggest mistakes all day long at work and the rest of the world could hate you but then you go home and your dog is there waiting like “OH THANK GOD MY HERO IS HOME I LOVE YOU SO MUCH WERE YOU OUT GETTING ALL THE AWARDS FOR BEING THE MOST PERFECT HUMAN BEING TO EVER HAVE EXISTED?”
  • Sandy: you saw the endeavor
  • thats fucking cool
  • me: yeah it was pretty fucking cool
  • it makes me sad though
  • did you know school children named the endeavour
  • The only space craft I ever want to go on is the TARDIS
  • Unless the world ends and then I guess I'll make do with whatever gets me the F off this planet
  • Sandy: yeah i know...i am really sad that our space program is basically over
  • i really, really wanted chicago to get it
  • one of the shuttles i mean
  • me: I dont know why theyd want to put it in LA
  • That city doesn't even like being American
  • I don't get it
  • me: hahahaa we areee
  • I am not happy about it though!
  • Sandra: i dont care
  • i am
  • if i were capable of spooning over the internet i would internet spoon you right now for ten solid minutes